Vehicle Network

Source or supply new vehicles


Source or supply new vehicles

1link is designed to greatly improve the processes involved in vehicle ordering and sales. More importantly, we're not trying to change the world, just make life easier! 1link will complement your current processes, not force you to change them.

Vehicle Network has been designed to massively simplify the ordering process between corporate fleets and contract hire and leasing companies who purchase new vehicles and the franchised dealers and manufacturers who supply them. Purchasers can use their current supplier network, dealers can sell to their own customers - but by using 1link, you can do it more efficiently.

1link offers an efficient, low cost communication tool for vehicle purchasers and suppliers alike. The system creates an electronic trading community bringing a host of major benefits to both suppliers and purchasers in a new and innovative way.

Vehicle Suppliers

Are you supplying corporate fleets?

  • The UK's leading vehicle purchasers are using 1link to source and acquire their vehicles
  • It will provide you with the opportunity to promote offers and vehicles that are immediately available straight to the desktops of the UK's vehicle purchasers
  • 1link Vehicle Network massively reduces the volume of wasteful fax and telephone activity, freeing up your time to concentrate on more productive and profitable communication

Would you like to gain access to the UK's leading fleets?

You can now accept and respond to multiple vehicle requests in a structured, effective manner and communicate delivery information, vehicle details and routine messaging in a timely and efficient manner.

  • 1link Vehicle Network substantially increases the quality and quantity of the ratio of enquiries to orders
  • The system stores all enquiries, vehicle specification, transaction information and communication between yourself and the purchaser, thus ensuring absolute quality and zero errors
  • Your information will be displayed in the 1link supplier directory for the UK's leading fleets to see

If you would like more information on 1link Vehicle Network, please phone 0845 130 6120* or click here to complete our enquiry form.

If you would like to view the terms and conditions, please click here.

Vehicle Purchasers

Are you involved in sourcing or ordering vehicles?

  • Substantial savings in time, resource and money
  • Stops human error in vehicle purchasing process
  • Access up to date information on all UK makes and models, including colour, trim, standard equipment and optional extras
  • Comprehensive order tracking facility provides up to date information on order status, confirmed pricing, delivery dates and delivery details
  • The report suite and extract features act as a powerful tool to manage information centrally
  • Electronically record your commercial arrangements for discounts, customer information, manufacturer bonuses, delivery pricing and much more
  • High level task management view so you can see at a glance any incoming actions, outstanding tasks and a summary of all orders
  • Request test drives and receive comprehensive updates on their progress
  • Ability to interface to 1link Vehicle Network directly from your quotation system, avoiding the need for double keying
  • Interface directly to 1link Disposal Network for return vehicle movements

Just imagine how efficient a fully automated vehicle source and purchase system could be.